Why strategic communications?

When I started ChangeCommunications in 2006, I already had decades of experience in the social change arena, along with experience as a journalist and analyst.  I knew both sides of the equation, as in how to discover a story and how to build a story. And, most importantly, I knew that communications and outreach were key to achieving an organization’s mission and goals.

I became a communications professional because of my profound commitment to social change. It isn’t enough to organize; change depends on sharing and expanding knowledge—and influencing the landscape through public education. Even the most influential nonprofit can have more impact if they promote their work, and even the most strategic philanthropist can realize more for their investment if they assist their grantees in framing their messages and coordinating the work with like-minded allies.

I decided to create a consultancy that would bring together a group of like-minded, committed professionals who, like me, are led by their interest in social change. Together, we like nothing more than becoming part of the team with our clients, engaging ourselves in the mission and in the cause.

Since starting ChangeCommunications, we’ve had the privilege of working with dozens of nonprofits, private sector companies, unions and philanthropists to maximize their impact.  My goal was, and is, to work with the leadership and staff of organizations and help them reframe their communications strategy and materials to enhance and amplify their message.

ChangeCommunications broadened our scope of work to include resource development and fundraising, based on our unique approach to the work.  There is a fundamental truth in fundraising, and that is that the money and the message go hand in hand.  The combination of a comprehensive fundraising strategy with a sophisticated communications overlay is the route to success.

This work has been a source of joy for years, and I look forward to all the projects and people we will partner with in the future.

Jo-Ann Mort