ChangeCommunications offers a wide variety of services aimed at optimizing your organization’s visibility in the media and the philanthropic world.

These include:

  • Expert strategy in communications and resource development
  • Writing services including op-eds, ghost writing, speeches, website content, grant writing and more
  • Communications audits
  • Media outreach
  • Social media strategy and maintenance
  • Creation of campaign strategy and marketing materials
  • Media and resource development training
  • Comprehensive fundraising strategy including grant-maker research, targeted donor outreach, board development, and networking support

Additionally, we work with a talented array of designers, pollsters, lobbyists, and others to meet your needs.

For Philanthropists:

The true power of communications for philanthropists isn’t just about getting a foundation’s name in the media; it’s about impact. Impact for the issues you are funding or impact for communications support for your grantees. Transforming the debate, shaping the dialogue, and inspiring new partners — these are what make strategic communications a necessary force multiplier, not an add-on. In an age when old and new media bombard our computers and smartphones 24/7, it’s simply not strategic grantmaking not to have a communications strategy that will raise your donor efforts above the constant noise, headlines and news flashes.

Put simply, communications strategy maximizes the power of your giving. By telling compelling stories and making clear and convincing arguments, foundations and their grantees can strengthen their mission, but only if communications is a fundamental element of the impact strategy. Large foundations often have communications professionals on staff, but small and medium-size foundations also can play in this space by leveraging expertise and understanding the tools available to them.